AD1 for mass production of channel letters. Less manpower needed.

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AD1 Specs


Equipped with the specialized cloud platform which supports remote management on multiple devices, our innovative Flashforge AD1 for 3d letters is able to enhance productivity and reduce manpower; moreover, with our Flashforge AD1, more choices of fonts and colours are available, and signs and letters can be put into mass production without giving off any dust or exhaust fumes.

• Extruder number: Two into one
• Extruder diameter: 0.6 mm
• Extruder maximum set temp: 260 ℃
• Print speed: 10-80mm/s
• Platform maximum set temp: 100 ℃ mm/s
• Leveling method: 8 points leveling(manual)
• Support material: Advertising Filament
• Print volume: 600*600*70 mm
• Layer precision: 0.2-0.4 mm
• Print precision: ±0.5mm
• Device volume: 1070*975*485 mm
• Packing dimension: 1170*1140*610 mm
• Screen: 4.5-inch touch screen
• Net weight: 50.2 kg
• Gross weight: 76 kg
• Input: 220V / 110V
• Power: 24V
• Filament spool diameter: 53 mm
• Filament spool: Diameter 53*200d*52h
• Internal storage: 8G
• Software/communication: FlashAD
• Data transmission: USB stick, Ethernet, Flashcloud
• Software: FlashPrint
• Output: GFZ file
• Input: stl, NC, cdr flie
• Resume printing from power outage: Support
• Filament detection: Support
• Screen saver: Support
• Recoginition of printed files: Support
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