CR-10 Max


Creality CR-10 Max DIY 3d printer | 450*450*470mm | Golden triangle for better stability | rapid heat-up of entire platform |100% real heating size | imported Capricorn Teflon tube | double drive for rapid feeding.


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Creality CR-10 MAX 3D Printer Advantages

Massive Printing Volume: Creality CR-10 MAX 3d printer printing size is 450*450*470mm, larger than CR-10 3D printer, super large molding size to meet diverse printing requirements.

Smooth Feeding: Creality CR-10 MAX 3d printer, bond tech gear extrusion structure designed, double drive gears for a strong thrust and high extrusion and feeding performance.

Automatic Leveling: Creality CR-10 MAX 3d printer imported Bl Touch included for 16 points fast leveling, more friendly UI designed.

Two Power Supplies Added: Creality CR-10 MAX 3d printer, two power supplies with wide voltage: Two power supplies for motherboard and hotbed by way of two-way output, synchronous power supply for the quick response, and stable operation.

More Stable Printing: Creality CR-10 MAX 3d printer, golden triangle to reduce Z-axis vibration for high large-size printing precision; Y-axis double transmission belts and a double-axis motor with strong momentum for stable transmission and printing precision.

Filament Sensor: Creality CR-10 MAX 3d printer, automatic suspension when materials run out, break up or run into other abnormalities for energy conservation and consumption reduction.

Imported Capricorn Bowden Teflon tube: Creality CR-10 MAX 3d printer, blue high-temperature resistant Capricorn Teflon tube without being easily blocked for smooth feeding and printing efficiency.

Resume Printing Function: Creality CR-10 MAX 3d printer, automatically save printing records, continue printing after power-on for a high model printing success rate.

• Technology: FDM
• Filameter diameter: 1.75 mm
• Compatible materials: PLA, PETG, TPU, wood, other exotics
• Accuracy: X/Y-axes +/-12 micron, Z-axis 1 micron
• Layer height: 100 – 400 microns
• Feeder system: Bowden
• Extruder type: Single
• Nozzle size: 0.4 mm, 0.8 mm
• Max. extruder temperature: 250 °C
• Max. heated bed temperature: 100 °C
• Build volume: 450 x 450 x 470 mm
• Printer dimensions: 735 x 735 x 305 mm
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