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Flashforge Guider IIs is proven as a good choice for small production with big build volume. Thanks to features such as great compatibility of materials and extruder system, Guider IIs delivers strong functions with industrial-grade accurate parts and quality.


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  • Out of the box: pre-built 3d printer, start 3d printing after filament spool mounting and bed leveling.
  • Build volume 280*250*300 mm, layer resolution 0.1-0.4 mm, print resolution ±0.2 mm, print speed 10-100 mm/s.
  • 300℃ patent extruder and 120℃ heatable build bed: print PLA, ABS, PETG, PC, PA, Nylon, and other industrial-grade filaments.
  • Open filament system & filament detection: compatible with 99% FDM 1.75mm filaments. Cease printing when filament runs or is interrupted. 
  • Resumes printing from power failure: resume 3d print from sudden power blackout, saves filament waste and increases the success rate.
  • 5-inch touchscreen: streamline 3d print operation, save time and strength for volume production jobs.
  • Powerful yet FREE slicer support: FlashPrint offers basic 3d model slicing features and advanced options such as editable support structures.
  • Cloud printing: control multiple printers on the cloud, greatly improves printing efficiency.
  • Built-in camera: monitor 3d printing process remotely via WiFi and Cloud.
  • Power conservation: turn off the light bar to save energy, friendly for all-night printing.
  • Air filter: effectively filter out fine dust produced when printing industrial 3d filament.
  • Bonus 1 spool of random filament(1000g).
• Extruder number: 1
• Extruder diameter: 0.4 mm
• Maximum Set Temp. of Extruder: 300 ℃
• Maximum Set Temp. of Platform: 120 ℃
• Print speed: 10-100 mm/s
• Support Filament: PLA , ABS, TPU 95A, PETG
• Print volume: 280*250*300 mm
• Layer Resolution: 0.1-0.4 mm
• Print Resolution: ±0.2 mm
• Device Size: 550*490*570(755) mm
• Screen: 5-inch Touch Screen
• Net weight: 30 kg
• Gross weight: 38 kg
• Input: 100-240 VAC, 47-63Hz
• Output: 24 V, 20.8 A
• Power: 500 W
• Internal Storage: 8 G
• Spool: External, 52mm diameter
• Data Transmission: USB cable, SD card, Wi-Fi, Ethernet FlashCloud, PolarCloud
• Software: FlashPrint
• Input: 3mf / stl / obj / fpp / bmp / png / jpg / jpeg files
• Output: gx/g files
• Camera: 1
• Filter Fan: 1
• Guider IIs High Temp. Version: Nozzle 300
• Noise: 55 dB
• Working Environment: 18-30 ℃
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